Tips To Successful Online Day Trading

The internet has  given the opportunity for people to undertake on-line trading while using art to market, trade, negotiate and to close deals. A good amount of the people prefer to do online day trading, even though it involves many complications like losing money, guaranteeing genuine transactions, slow decisions, and closing deals. So  it is suggested to have  good software for trading. Generally the investors invests small amount gradually they will raise the amount. Negotiating process is a massive effort and time being invested to get trust and confidence.

Most of the investors lose the chances to perform due to negative attitude. Just like a sports handicapper who offers free sports picks, you have to spend a little time to learn about stock marketing. You can read free online guides. It is also better to set up online brokers account. There are several online brokers Services Companys offering some kind of services. Just you have to target on one market. You can  recieve more knowledge of  online day trading by getting an education online. The main benefit on subscribing to the trading services is, you can easily access trading accounts any time. Similiar to recieving free nfl picks from a professional handicapper, you can recieve these services for free or by paying and it is  a key tool for online day trading. Online brokerage companies offer discount brokerage to traders and investors.

They assist traders to maximize their profits effectively. They offer services and assistance for online day trading platform and stock brokers. Next advantages on the online day trading services, your orders will be carried out immediately. Online day traders can relax and sit back on the trading tables and get the real time stock quotes. Its encouraged that beginners should follow some tips before starting their business, it is wiser to trade with a smaller amount and you have to avoid overtrading. You should spread the risk, it will be easy for you to trade, and practice accounts this is very important.

How The Dow Jones Stock Market Works

 Not Many  people fully grasp how the Dow Jones stock market works. Dow Jones, is one of the financial indicators that help to give investors and idea, foresight of how the industry big player behave . To do this, Dow Jones calculates the Industrial Average index of the  30 best performing campanies by their stock value   . 

In computing the Industrial Average calculation,  similiar to how a sports handicapper evaluates his free sports picks the Dow Jones takes into account the following three types of industrial movements. One, the established trend over the years of a company . Two  what secondary movements have taken place over several weeks which are  not at per with the first movement and three the day to day fluctuations such as being bullish or bear .

After all these movements have been  studied  , the next thing that Dow Jones looks at is the Transportation Average. Both of these two averages, Transportation Average and Industrial Average must collaborate with each other and give a a situation of the markets direction  . What this means is that this collaboration brings out a reliable market directional signal that investors can  base their investments on  .

The present movements of several weeks are usually suggest to a 5% range where it is  believed  that distribution or accumulation of the industry is taking place. When these averages become less than 5% line set, accumulation is said to have taken place and that the prices of the stocks are likely to increase . Even so, when the averages of the two become more than the set line, distribution is said to be taking place and that the prices are likely to be decreasing .

The normal idea behind the calculation of the industrial average index is to keep it as secure as possible and comparing it to how it was in previous years. Dow Jones keeps its consistency by changing the divisor number.

Useful Info And Comparison Shopping Trends To Gulf Shores, Alabama

Placed between New Orleans and Louisiana, Gulf Shores, Alabama is a enchanting place where troubles seem to fade away. Spectacular white sand beaches, great weather, championship golf courses and picturesque Gulf Shores vacation rentals attract visitors from all over, year round.

Inside of this short article become familiar with about some great sites to visit and the ideal things you can do in Gulf Shores. Every vacation destination has those landmarks and traditional sites that travelers can’t avoid visiting and every city has some activities that are certainly the most well-liked. Plus, it is very important to discover some places to stay, particularly those with the ideal location and rates.

Staying at vacation rental in Gulf Shores is a great idea principally if you are traveling with your family or a large group. Gulf Shores vacation rentals not simply offer extra space but also more personal privacy, usually at a better rate than a Gulf Shores hotel room. At a Gulf Shores vacation rental you will feel just like at home, but with quite a lot of amenities that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

A good option to start your vacations in Gulf Shores is the Welcome Center. Yes, and before you even check in to your hotel or condo you must stop there. Every piece of information and maps that you’ll need in this trip are there. And one of the first things to do there is to get a coupon book but not just only for the savings. This practical book coupon will give you a list of all kinds of stuff to do in Gulf Shores. There is WiFi, a thing very beneficial if you don’t have an internet connection in your vacation rental in Gulf Shores. The staff is very warm and friendly and will help you with your doubts and concerns. Tourists will find a lots of brochures. The bathrooms are very clean and big.

Those that love fishing are going to be in heaven. Gulf Shores provides offshore and inshore saltwater fishing, and fishers will be able to get blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, cobia, amberjack and red snapper. If you like fishing, be ready to have a lot of great moments!.

A beautiful place to visit is the Gulf State Park. It is home to a lot of scenic dunes, three beautiful lakes and stunning beaches. It has a truly huge parking area for RVs and those typical trailers. Kids will love the nature center and the pool. Some tourists complain about the expensive admission tickets. Its plenty of places to walk to and enjoy a nice day or evening.

Golfers need inspiration for their games and they will find a stunning scenery in Gulf Shores that will inspire them to play like never before. There are 9 excellent golf courses, creatively designed for a great day outodoors playing your favorite sport.

Being a fishing destination; Gulf Shores dinning scene is dominated by sea-food restaurants. Whether you are looking for a romantic candlelit dinner, a family seaside hangout eatery or exclusive and luxurious restaurants; staying at a Gulf Shores vacation home allows for a unique dinning experience.

Your family and you will love Gulf Coast Zoo. It is a little small but packed with interesting animals. What it is really great is the interaction with the animals. Your children will have, for example, the opportunity to feed an infant kangaroo. Some people said that Gulf Coast Zoo is the cleanest zoo they had ever seen in their entire life.

50.34% of the vacationers who inquired for Gulf Shores vacation rentals, also showed curiosity in comparison shopping by accepting to get offers from bed and breakfasts and hotels.  64.55% were also interested in receiving offers from nearby destinations including Orange Beach, Foley, Elberta, Perdido Key.

Deciding where to stay in your vacation can be a little difficult task. Comparing different kinds of accommodations is very helpful to this.

For instance, below there is 1 great lodging option to explore:

Gulf Shores vacation condo
: Our unit is located on the top floor with spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico, West Beach, and Little Lagoon. Crystal Towers is a 20 story condominium complex located on West Beach in Gulf Shores. This Gulf Shores Vacation Rental offers three pools (2 outdoors, 1 indoor), lazy river, two hot tubs, sauna, game room, workout room, media room and high speed internet. There is 24 hour security. That makes this condominium stand out from others is the enclosed air conditioned walkway from the condo to the beach. The additional amenities offered at Crystal Towers include wireless internet, game room, gym, indoor pool, 2 outdoor pools with one directly on the beach and the largest in Gulf Shores. For much more and photos, please have a look at property ID#309650 at

Ways to Avoid Blunders When Selling Your House

Anyone who has sold a home has lost opportunities because of mistakes that were made. The reason are many and it’s not the scope of this report to detail all of them; however, not all mistakes are equal. Some have more dire consequences than others. However, it is fortuitous that much of the data on real estate errors has been collected through the years. Information exists on just about any type of mistakes you, as a home seller, can make. And don’t harbor the false belief that real estate agents don’t make mistakes because they can and do. That’s why a lot of them carry Errors and Omissions insurance.

There is flawed thinking if you are afraid of making an initial price that is lower than the local market or the value of your home. In most cases, sellers like to price their house high, not low. Higher priced homes are typically the ones that get fewer offers. Lower-priced homes get many more. People start increasing their bids if multiple offers are actually made. So you can see that the price of your home will begin to rise on the natural process of competing bids. However, if you price your home high to begin with, it typically will not happen.

Well, just what do you think about that so far? Selling a home is an area that offers a tremendous amount for those who are serious or need to learn. Yes, it is true that so many find this and other related subjects to be of great value. Continue reading and you will see what we mean about crucial nuances you need to know about. Try evaluating your own unique needs which will help you further refine what may be necessary. You have a solid base of a few important points, and we will make that much stronger for you as follows.

In most cases, the luminary research is not done by most home sellers in regard to their local market. It is recommended that you ask your real estate agent for help when trying to do this. Is the market declining? This is something you should find out. It can make all the difference if the market is steady or rising in regard to demand for housing. If you happen to be in a declining market, then your asking price will be affected. What you want to do in a declining market is list your home in the mid-range or thereabouts. You should never list your house at a higher price in this type of market. It would be a huge mistake!

Oftentimes, a person may be putting their home up for sale because they can’t afford to keep it. If this resembles your situation, don’t forget the internet. You will see lots of interesting ideas that will afford you a viable means to present your home for less. The ideas you will find are endless. It is important to give your home charisma and attract as much attention from the public as you can. As long as you are able to promote your ideas through commitment you should do quite well. You have a lot of influence over the success or failure of your real estate venture.

Learn as much as you can about the real estate process if you want to avoid the worst mistakes a home seller can make. This is especially critical if your agent is new to real estate and has little practical knowledge or experience. While having a real estate agent can be important to the success of selling your home, don’t just assume they will take care of everything. Stay on top of each step of the process.

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Excellent Reading Before Traveling To Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge is a spectacular city, situated in east part of Tennessee, in Sevier County between Gatlinburg and Sevierville, in the very heart of the Smoky Mountains. Placed just 5 miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Pigeon Forge is predominantly a vacationer resort. In 1986, the famous country musician Dolly Parton bought part of the former Silver Dollar City attraction and gave it a new name: Dollywood. Since then, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has grown and grown in leaps and bounds to become, “The Center for Fun in the Smokies.”

In this short article you’ll learn about some great places to visit and the ideal things you can do in Pigeon Forge. Every location has those landmarks and traditional sites that visitors can’t avoid going to and every city has some activities that are absolutely the most popular. Plus, it is very important to discover some places to stay, especially those with the ideal location and rates.

Sometimes a hotel room provides a very cold feel to travellers. That is why many tourists are choosing Pigeon Forge vacation rentals rather than regular hotel rooms. Those searching for a home away from home experience will love a vacation house. Each and every year a growing number of tourists around the globe are choosing a vacation rental by owner particularly when they can compare different lodging options prior to their final decision.

Recognized for its great outdoors, Pigeon Forge attracts thousands of nature fans who come to this scenic destination to enjoy hiking, camping and biking. City’s numerous campgrounds and national parks provide people with harmony and peace making certain relaxing family time. Please read on to find out about area’s points of interest.

Pigeon Forge is the best place to go camping in the Smokies. People can choose between 13 diverse campsites, according to their needs. From very equipped ones, for those who can´t forget the comfort of a hotel to the very stripped ones, for those that love just the nature and a feeling of adventure. Every campground is near a great attraction and all campgrounds are very safe.

Maybe the most famous attraction in Pigeon Forge is Dollywood. It will need a couple complete days to ride and see everything in this amazing and traditional park. It is really a classic amusement park with something to everyone and it has a country twist and that is the main difference with other parks.  It has a lot of services, and the shuttle service is excellent. The staff is very good, rides are amazing, and most tourists like to say that Dollywood is the cleanest park they have been to.

The very first place to visit while staying at a vacation cabin in Pigeon Forge is the Great Smoky Mountains Park. This amazing park is very well known for its stunning animal life, and the outstanding scenery. For those who love hiking, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a paradise. It has a lot more than 800 miles of very well maintained and pristine trails. It is a place for those looking for a wonderful time for fishing, having great picnics and the best place to experience real wildlife. Don’t get worried about safety, it is a very safe and secure area.

For those who love to learn about the place they are visiting, Pigeon Forge offers many options. Those curious about police history should visit Carbo’s Police Museums. For all those looking for fun, there is a very particular place: the Dinosaur Walk Museum. Music fans should take a look at Elvis Museum and for those who love cars, the Mountain Car Museum is for them.

In a really tranquil location like Pigeon Forge, there is room for pure adventure. Those rafting lovers will be happy. A great time await for those taking a very challenging whitewater rafting trip through the Pigeon River. But don’t worry, there is a more peaceful rafting trip on the Lower section of the river, specially for those looking for just relaxing.

More than ever, tourists must have an opportunity to consider a different kind of lodging. There is more that those typical lodging options. An hotel room can be a primary and common idea but a vacation rental is highly recommended.

Here you have a great lodging option to investigate:

Pigeon Forge vacation rental: Welcome to Hunker Down Cabin, which is owner operated, managed and LOVED. This Pigeon Forge cabin rental will sleep 4-5 people, 1 loft bedroom with a queen bed and a half bath. Downstairs is the living room (with a queen sleeper sofa), jacuzzi (2 person), “Mountain” room (with a futon), kitchen, full size washer/dryer and a full bath. The cabin is approximately 1,050 square feet and is ready for your enjoyment. The property has a large yards with no mountain hangovers for your safety. All guests also have the use of free WiFi, HBO and local/long distance calling. For more info and photos about this great vacation rental in Pigeon Forge, relax and take a closer look at property ID#383494 at Feel free to inquire for details and availability.

Making the Right Option With DO-IT-YOURSELF Home Improvement

Many home improvement projects are easy to do yourself, but some of them would be better to be done by those who know what they are doing. Provided you know everything involved with each choice, either will work. You can save on the costs by doing your own work, but make sure you don’t underestimate the amount of time and the level of skill that’s necessary. Home improvement projects that you want to do yourself, will be easier to plan with the helpful tips from this article.

Prior to the commencement of any type of DIY home improvement task, make sure that it is realistic and that you have an allotted amount of time and talent to get it done. A lot of homeowners are keen to the thought of taking on a large project and then once they get started they either lose sight of their reasoning for doing the project or they figure out that it was much more complicated than they thought. Some undertakings require more time and aptitude than others and you should really think about this before you start. If necessary, ask the advice of someone experienced at this kind of task. It is more excellent to not even start a project or hire someone else than to start it, than to never finish.

The effects of home improvement, not only on you but a lot of others, is a fact that has to be recognized. No one really can adequately address all the different circumstances that could arise with this particular topic. But I wanted to pause for a moment so you can reflect on the value of what you have just read. After all we have read, this is timely and powerful information that should be regarded. As usual, we generally save the very best for last.

It’s definitely a good thing to want to take on your home improvements but don’t let your stubbornness or pride talk you into taking on something that is much better left to the professionals. This is most true in terms of the projects that could become dangerous or expensive when a mistake gets made. For example, taking on a major plumbing project without the proper experience could result in your bursting a pipe which could end up causing a major amount of damage. Electrical wiring is another area in which you should not play around unless you are properly qualified. It really comes down to your own level of experience, which you should be honest with yourself about. When you know how to do your projects DIY can be quite satisfying.

The main reason for doing DIY projects around the house is to save money on costs. At the same time, don’t skimp on quality when choosing tools or materials. Items that are used or recycled and have good quality can be used, but don’t let the results of the project be affected by cheap materials. A good example of this is choosing paint for either interior or exterior paint jobs. Cheaper paint will cost you more money in the long run, because you will have to repaint sooner, and it won’t look as good either. You should stay away from cheap materials that will wear out in a couple of years, like cheap tile.

If you want home improvements done and you don’t want to spend top-dollar, you can always do it yourself. Besides a lot of home improvements being able to increase the attractiveness and coziness of it, the worth of your home can also go up. When you are figuring out your plans for home improvement projects, the recommendations we have discussed in this article are some that you should keep in mind. If you are scrupulous with the planning of your DIY home improvement task, you will have a more optimal chance of it turning out the way you intend for it to.

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Planning for the Future

I became in line with a StuffMart, putting my well planned tax-free purchases about the conveyor belt while two 20-ish aged ladies in front of me tested. They weren’t shopping for survival items like bullet proof vests for sale.

Once everything was rung up, the cashier exclaimed their total and they brought out a card to swipe over the machine. The credit card they used was the welfare card our state issues- one I see customers facing me use increasingly more.

Once swiped, the sweet grandmotherly cashier politely said excitedly that they just had $7 and change left and it wouldn’t cover their purchases. (Note- for most places, benefits are reloaded onto the card for the 1st day of the month and also this was the 5th).

The ladies then said, &ldquoWell, let alone regarding the stuff from the bags. We&rsquoll just get these.&rdquo They delayed 2 large soda pops.

I imagine that my mouth was hanging open, though I&rsquom unclear. I became stunned.

I know I have to remind myself periodically that we are NOT typical- that denying oneself impulse buys, retirement information, budgeting, and making long-term goals aren’t the &ldquoAmerican way,&rdquo but nevertheless I couldn&rsquot believe they made the selection they did.

My Ponderings

Several things were swirling through my brain at once:

  1. They have got $7 left and they bought sodas?!
  2. How did they not have any idea what the balance was?
  3. What is going to they eat for lunch tonight? And tomorrow? And the rest of the month?
  4. If meals throughout the month aren&rsquot really a concern, why do they qualify for the welfare card?
  5. Will a young child go hungry now?

(Permit me to insert at this time that I don’t mean to say that welfare recipients waste the huge benefits provided them or that there are no justification to receive them.  They might be the distinction eating or otherwise eating for thousands or even millions, especially right now.  I think this issue- questionable usage of resources- applies overall, in spite of income.  I think it is indicative of a larger cultural problem). More info.

I became so surprised which they bought those drinks i asked the cashier after they left if the benefits card covers such things as that. She said, &ldquoOh Honey, it will buy nearly any unhealthy foods you can imagine, but don&rsquot try and obtain a bar of soap by using it.&rdquo What?! What kind of program are these claims?!

In the past day or two, I’ve been mulling this over in my head. I&rsquom not sure how typical these kinds of behavior is within the general population. however , I suspect it&rsquos normal. All together, we have been far removed from the hard-working, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps mentality that used to characterize Americans.

The Take-Away

All this has become me to considering its regards to preparedness. Some things have get back to me repeatedly.

  1. Shall we be held using our resources to the best of our abilities? The amount do we squander on things of no real or lasting value (like soda pops)?
  2. How many times shall we be held checking things off our long-range goals? Shall we be held identifying a significant item and actively working towards its acquisition (maybe a water filter or quality pressure canner or root cellar)?
  3. Will we just shrug over hard stuff (like budgeting) for your immediate gratification?
  4. If things i witnessed was typical, how quick will society unravel within the slightest hardship?

So, what do you think? Do you need bulletproof vests?

Deals with the most effective orange county realty agents

Seeking families can sometimes be a discouraging experience. To the unenlightened, getting a property on your own may actually be disappointing. A really good real estate broker or broker could actually make a difference. Orange Region, CA is well known as popular place for people to move and buy a family or real property financial investment. There are a wide selection of options from singular household homes, big estates, condominiums, lofts and planned metropolitan advancements. Your household way of living ought to consistently be the major factor to consider when considering the acquisition of a property as well as a regional property representative is the most effective source of information regarding nearby communities and society sources.Orange county real property agents Brett concentrates on helping households purchase, sell or rent residential properties in the Orange Region property market. In these tough economic times there are numerous realty properties are on the marketplace because the managers are on the verge of being foreclosed due to hard financial responsibilities. The help of a knowledgeable representative who is well versed in foreclosed properties situations is important to assist the owner/borrower to prevent the black mark of foreclosure on his or her future credit rating past.There are lots of paths that could take a consumer in to a foreclosed properties scenario. One such is a rising cost of living circumstance that causes an increase in products prices and greater rate of interest. The real estate market preserves a large favorite when rate of interest increase because residence affordability becomes a hard problem to address.No matter what the situation, whether you are buying or offering real estate agents orange county and also his substantial understanding of the Orange County Property market can assist. Before the specter of an unpreventable family repossession looms, homeowners need to explore all the alternatives open to them. An educated nearby property broker could frequently aid. As an example, in a pre-foreclosure circumstance a third party could purchase the home in the course of a public auction â” therefore saving the owner/borrower from a possible bad credit rating record situation and also offering a customer with an excellent purchasing chance.The Orange Region realty purchasing and selling undertaking can be hassle free of charge with An educated Real estate agent like Adam Brett to assist you. Free Orange County repossession specifying info is not hard to find, yet browsing the procedure can be irritating and time consuming without a professional to lead you. Adam Brett ensures that his clients are well updated as well as informed on the repercussions of their purchasing and offering deal so that a well informed decision can be properly made. The Orange County relators that showed me around were friendly and accomodating.

Kitchen Remodeling Creates More Space and Updates Your Kitchen

When it comes to updating your home and increasing its value, one way to do that is hire a contractor to do a kitchen remodel in Arlington Heights. Expand your kitchen space, modernize an old kitchen, or install completely new appliances to give your kitchen a total makeover. You won’t recognize your kitchen once professional contractors redo, revamp, and revitalize your cooking space.

A total kitchen renovation can make your kitchen the center of your home and the one place everyone wants to be. This might include adding new flooring, replacing old cabinetry, or installing modern and beautiful countertops to give your kitchen a new look. With kitchen remodeling, there are many ways to freshen up a kitchen.

Professional contractors will assess your space and give you advice on remodeling your kitchen, along with price estimates and completion times. Your contractor will help make the process of kitchen remodeling smoother, simpler, and more cost effective, even if you’re just installing a new sink or some new tile. Some of ways you can add pizzazz to an old, boring kitchen are: brand new stainless steel appliances, a colorful backsplash above the sink, and beautiful marble countertops.

Have you ever considered installing a desk in your kitchen, or a butcher block where family and friends can eat in the kitchen itself? Everyone will be attracted to this special part of the house if you make the kitchen a more spacious and functional room. Give your kitchen more room, making it more functional and working with the space you already have, by adding a work station or a wood island.

When you’re considering kitchen remodeling, be creative. Using bold colors in the kitchen is fun, modern and appealing. Floors made of porcelain are a great way to update a kitchen, and countertops made of concrete, granite, or even glass are becoming trendy.

Is your kitchen small and you wish it was more roomy? Add space to a little kitchen with some tricks that your contractor will tell you about, for example sticking with one color palette, adding a pantry for extra food storage, or adding more cabinet and shelf space. You could also add brightness to a small kitchen and make it look larger with certain kinds of kitchen lighting. 

Not happy with the way your kitchen is now? Get more information about kitchen renovations and remodeling by contacting a general contractor today. 

For more great ideas on kitchen remodeling, click here.

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Commercial roofing is generally produced from numerous materials including fibers, plastics, woods, ceramics, tiles, and metals. Due to wear and tear, as well as harsh climate conditions, the duvet structure canno longer be in excellent condition. Roof restoration is usually recommended for an industrial building which might be greater decade old, because this procedure could increase the overall look, company’s roof, and offer longer lasting waterproof renewable warranties. Roof restoration is the procedure to clean, sealing, repairing and recoating the very best to make certain its optimal condition for years.

Roof Restoration Types

Choosing the type of roof restoration system is dependent upon several factors including the dimensions and dimensions of the rooftop, condition and kind of substrate (plywood, asphalt, concrete, metal), along with the finish color. Listed here are among the many different roof restoration systems that one could select from:

1. Metal Roofing

Metal gives an excellent roi as a result of durability and superior strength from the material. You could opt for metal tile, steel shingle, aluminum shingle or standing seam for metal roof restoration system used. In addition, metal backpacks are fire-proof, have an wide-ranging of colors and styles.  Renewable warranties can be purchased from 10years to 18 a few years are renewable.

2. Modified Roof Restoration

Modified roof restoration uses acrylic roof coatings, as well as a embeded fabric, in fact it is viewed as the most effective coating with renewable warranties.  The product or service is very reflective and powerful that’s considered almost hail proof.

Call Jemar Contracting , llc at (800) 447-6380, to get a roofing evaluation and more information on roof restoration for commercial roofing.

3. Single Ply Restoration

As single-ply membranes are becoming weathered, the duvet is going to be at risk of dirt, leaks, and cracks. Damages helps to reduce the ability-efficient properties and sturdiness within your roof, so you must find the ideal restoration system for single-ply substrates. By having an acrylic elastomeric coating system, you are able to anticipate a better appearance, energy savings on account of reflectivity inside the coatings, and lasting renewable warranties for your roof.

Great things about Roof Restoration

Aside from the aesthetic effects and savings that roof restoration provides, this process will more than likely protect the different types of monetary roofing from leaks preventing, deterioration underneath. Moreover, restoration procedures maintain your roof safe from harsh elements by way of example wind, rain, intense sunlight, dust and snow. Extreme conditions may affect the durability of damaged roofs. Using a properly-restored roof, you are able to minimize the damages and appear after the remarkable appearance in the roof top.

To understand more about roof restoration and tips on how to ensure the grade of the cover structure, kindly visit